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A Story of Service, Empathy, and Justice

At EEOResolutions, we believe in the power of justice, the strength of empathy, and the unwavering commitment to serving those who've served our nation. Our journey is one that's deeply personal, rooted in the experiences of our founder, Alex "TheeAlexHarris," a retired law enforcement officer, a 100% disabled military veteran, and a certified EEO investigator by the US EEOC.

Alex's story is not just about a career; it's about a lifetime of service and sacrifice. His journey began in the heart of the U.S. Navy Seabees and continued as he proudly wore the uniform of the U.S. Army Reserves. With over two decades of experience in law enforcement, both in the Federal and non-Federal sectors, he understands the value of service to one's country and community.

But the road was not without its challenges. Alex faced his own battles, both in the line of duty and on the homefront. His personal experiences navigating the labyrinth of VA Disability Claims, Military Injuries, harassment, and discrimination shaped his mission – to ensure that no one else would have to endure these struggles alone.

EEOResolutions is a testament to Alex’s dedication to serving veterans and non-veterans alike. It’s a beacon of hope for those who’ve faced injustice, discrimination, or the daunting bureaucracy of government systems. We’re here to guide you, to be your advocate, and to help you secure the benefits and due process you rightfully deserve.

Alex’s expertise as a Paralegal in Federal Administration Law, his profound knowledge of MSPB, DOL, EEO, and VA Claims, and his certification as an EEO Investigator are the tools he wields to fight for your rights. He’s more than just an expert; he’s a compassionate and dedicated advocate who understands the pain and frustration you may be experiencing.


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